Performance Reviews: Overview

Looking to set employee objectives, track performance, and improve your team's effectiveness easily?

Knit's Performance Review module is here to help you do just that! If you want to learn more about how to implement effective performance reviews at your company, we have a handy guide about How to Conduct a Performance Review here.

The Multi-Phase Performance Review Approach

With Knit's Performance module, you can:

  • Create and run an unlimited amount of performance reviews, overlapping or consecutive
  • Assign a performance review to the entire company, to specific departments, or to individual employees
  • Give custom guidelines about completing the review
  • Set completely custom Objectives for your employees to work toward
  • Choose which Managers will act in the role of Reviewer
  • Send email notifications to employees whose reviews are pending or overdue
  • Store and track the results of your Performance Review


Setting Up Your Performance Review

Each review follows the same workflow:

  1. You create a review and give it a short description (more: How to Create a Review)
  2. You assign which employees or departments will complete the review, as well as which managers will be reviewing each individual (more: Assigning Employees and Managers to Your Review)
  3. You provide guidelines for completing the review, either directly in Knit's platform or by uploading a PDF
  4. You set the frequency and deadlines of your review (more on this below*, or see Performance Reviews: Frequency and Deadlines)
  5. You create Objectives for your Employees to work towards and be evaluated on at the end of the review (Performance Reviews: Creating Objectives)
  6. You launch the review, and track how your employees and managers are completing it (Performance Reviews: Employee Tracking, Reviewer Approvals, and Reminders
  7. Your employees (working together with their managers) set their objectives, work towards them, and then complete their evaluations (for employees and managers, read: Phase 1 — Objectives AND Phase 2 and Above — Evaluation)

*A Note on Performance Review Frequency

When creating a Performance Review for your company, you get to choose one of three different timeframe and frequency options:

  • A 1-time Review — Ideal for Annual
  • A 2-time Review — Ideal for Semi-Annual
  • A 4-time Review — Ideal for Quarterly

Important: Once Objectives are set and Phase 1 is completed, the employees will be evaluated on those same objectives every time. If you want to change the objectives, you will have to create a new Performance Review (there are no limits to how many you can have active at the same time).

A 1-Time Review with 2 Phases


A 2-time Review with 3 Phases




A 4-Time Review with 5 Phases:




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