Performance Reviews: Frequency and Deadlines

The Frequency and Due Dates menu lets you customize when you want different performance periods to take place.

  1. Begin by selecting how many reviews you wish to have based on the set of objective guidelines you have outlined (more about Creating Objectives here):

    Important: if you select more than a 1-time review, remember that your employees will not be able to set new objectives for the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reviews — their reviews will be based on the same objectives created in Phase 1. If you want to change the objectives, you will have to create a new review.
  2. Next, select when you want to launch Phase 1 of your review (Phase 1 = Objective Setting by Employees and Managers), as well as the final deadline for all of the reviews to be submitted and approved (make sure to give enough time for your employees to work toward their objectives).
  3. Once you select the start and end dates, Knit's system automatically generates recommended deadlines and timeframes for you. If you wish to adjust those timeframes, you can do so by editing the date fields:
  4. Once you select the deadlines, click "Save & Return."


Different Timeframes Illustrated

To get a better sense of how the performance review timeframes are structured, please refer to the infographics below:

A 1-Time Review with 2 Phases


A 2-time Review with 3 Phases


A 4-Time Review with 5 Phases:



Next Steps

Once you have chosen the frequency and deadlines of your review, you can move to the next step — Creating Performance Objectives for Your Employees.


(To get a high-level overview of what you can do with Knit's Performance Review feature, head to our Overview Documentation.)

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