Completing a Performance Review: Phase 2 and Above — Evaluation

Phase 2 and above involves self-evaluation by employees, as well as employee-evaluations by Reviewers, based on the Objectives that were set in Phase 1 (Phase 1 — Setting Objectives). As with Phase 1, Phase 2 and later ones have two Steps:

  • Step 1 = Employee reviews themselves
  • Step 2 = Reviewer reviews the employee

For Employees

When it comes time to do a self-review, all you have to do is log into Knit, go to the PERFORMANCE menu, and select the performance review that requires action.

  1. You will see a screen with the Objectives that were set in Phase 1
  2. Click "Review" to start the self-evaluation:
  3. Use the drop-down to select how well you think you did in meeting this objective:
  4. In the space provided below, add any comments or context about how you met the objective. Why you chose that rating, what you did well, what can be improved, etc.
  5. Once you have finished filling out all of the reviews, click "Submit Review" to send it to your reviewer.

    IMPORTANT!!! = once you hit "Submit Review", you will NOT be able to edit your review later (unlike in Phase 1, when setting Objectives). Make sure everything is finished before hitting submit.

  6. Your Reviewer will now be notified, and will complete their review of how well you met the Objectives. Once they are finished, you will be able to see their feedback.


For Reviewers and/or Managers

When evaluating an employee as a reviewer, the process is very similar to an employee's own self-evaluation.

  1. Same as in Phase 1, make sure you are in the right menu when doing an evaluation: PERFORMANCE --> "Team" Tab --> Employee who has a pending review.
  2. You will see all of the Objectives listed again. Click "Review" on each one to start the process:
  3. Once you click "Review", you will be able to read the Employee's self-evaluation, and provide feedback/your own evaluation below:

  4. Once you have finished reviewing all of the objectives, you can click "Submit Review". As with Phase 1, once you submit the review, you will not be able to edit it again.

  5. Upon submitting the review, your feedback will be shared with the employee.

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