How To Set Up The Income Type For A Wage Enhancement Grant (WEG)

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This article will walk you through how to set up a Wage Enhancement Grant (WEG). This grant has many different names and can also be referred to as the Provincial Wage Enhancement (PWE) and Home Child Care Enhancement Grant (HCCEG)


How To Set Up The WEG Income Type

Click on Run Payroll > Income Types > Add Income Type and choose Custom Income Type



Add the following properties per the screenshot below:


Ensure that the following settings are selected:

  • Payment Unit: Hour
  • Properties: Insurable, Taxable, Pensionable and Payable
  • Hours Insurable: The box is not selected
  • Include in Box 14: Yes
  • Tax Box Allocation (if Applicable): Left blank

Once these settings have been set up, the next step is to set up the employees' profiles for the WEG.

How To Set Up The Employees' Profile

To add the additional WEG rate, click on Run Payroll > Compensation section under the employee’s profile.



Add the amount as a second wage rate. See the screenshot below for an example of how the profile would look if the WEG rate is $3.



Once completed, exit the employee’s profile and repeat the steps above until all the WEG rates have been added to the remaining employees who are eligible for the WEG.


How To Enter The Hours In Payroll

Entering the hours into the payroll correctly is very important as it will allow the payroll data to show up properly on the reports and on the employees' pay stubs.

Example scenario

Anthony Hopkins worked:

  • Regular hours: 40

  • Hourly pay rate: $30

  • Overtime hours: 8

  • WEG hours: 48

Enter the hours in the payroll as per the screenshot below and approve the payroll.


Alternatively, the hours can be entered through the payroll spreadsheet (see Help Guide Use Excel to Import your Payroll for details):

By entering the hours in this manner, the paystub will correctly reflect the payroll data in accordance with the requirements set by the Canadian government’s requirements.

Please see the screenshot below for an example of how the paystub will look like:


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I run a report on this payroll data?

Please click on Reports > Employee Report Per Payroll to export the payroll data. This report is helpful if you have a requirement to submit reporting or would like to do an analysis of your payroll data. 


Enter the reporting period and click submit.


Once the data has loaded, you can choose to download the information as:

  • employee CSV to export the data for the employee
  • All Employee CSV to export the data for all the payroll data for the employees who worked during that time period

See the screenshot below for an example of what the report looks like once it has been exported to a CSV.



How will this income type setup impact the ROE?

The WEG hours will not show up as insurable hours when filing an ROE. See the screenshot below as an example.



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