Issuing Record of Employment (ROE)

When you are dismissing an employee, the final step is to issue an ROE. The steps for Dismissing an Employee can be found under: Admins > My Team > Dismiss an Employee or by clicking on this link:

  1. When Dismissing an employee, the last step asks you if you would like Knit to file an ROE for this employee. You can click No and then click Dismiss Employee. If you click Yes, you will be taken to an ROE screen
  2. The ROE screen will populate most of the information required for the employee's ROE
  3. For the Insurable Earnings section, a payroll summary will be available on the right-hand side which can be used to fill out the Pay Period fields on the left-hand side. The *Total ins. hours field must be manually entered. The grayed out Total ins. earning box will auto fill once the Pay Period fields have been entered
  4. Once everything is entered, you can Save & Review. Alternatively, you can Save Draft which allows you to leave the ROE unfinished , and return to finish it at a later time
  5. If you have selected Save Draft, you can access the ROE by clicking on the People tab, and selecting Terminated from the drop-down menu on the right side
  6. This allows you to see you terminated employees. Click on the orange action dots on the right-hand side next to the terminated employee and select View Profile
  7. Inside the terminated employee's profile, click on the Documents tab along the top and then scroll to the bottom of the screen where you will see Record Of Employment. On the right-hand side under Action, there is an option to Edit the ROE which will bring you back into the incomplete ROE
  8. Complete any of the remaining sections of the ROE including any Separation payments

  9. For more information on Separation Payments, click here
  10. Once you have completed the ROE, click on Save & Review. You will then be redirected to the finalized ROE where you can review and then Edit or Confirm
  11. Once Confirmed, you will then be asked if you you want to download the ROE as a PDF or File with Knit or Export to .BLK
  12. File with Knit and Export to .BLK are both ways to submit the ROE, while the PDF is for your own records
  13. If you choose to  File with Knit, we are notified and the ROE is submitted (We would require authorization on the account in order to file on your behalf)
  14. If you Export to .BLK the file will be downloaded and then you will be able to upload this to Service Canada after logging into your account

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