Get started: Add employees

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Get Started step 6: Add Employees

  1. You will want to add any additional hiring documents you prefer prior to completing this step. You can do so by clicking on the Document Manager tab on the left side
  2. Once you have uploaded any required documents you will want to Configure Hiring Process. To do this click on the People tab on the left and then click on Configure Hiring Process along the top. Select the documents you would like included and click Save
  3. At this time, you may want to add your different Departments and Paygroups so that employees can be assigned to these while you go through set up. You may have already created your Pay Schedules and Paygroups in step 4 of Getting Started.  
  4. For information on setting up your departments please follow the link provided. 
  5. For more information on setting up Paygroups, please follow this link.
  6. To add employees, click on the Get Started tab on the left side and then click on Add Employees. It is important to have all employees correct email addresses as this is the way they will complete onboarding and be able to view their paystubs. In order for an employee to be paid through a payroll run, they must be active in the system

  7. On this screen you will be able to check or uncheck any of the documents you want included in the employee onboarding process. For more information on TD1 forms please click here:
  8. There are 3 ways to add all of your employees. Option 1 is Employee Self Onboarding: You can have your Employees complete all, or some of their onboarding. If you select "Yes. Email the employee requesting their details" you will be redirected and prompted to fill out some basic information for the employee
  9. Once you have entered the information and click Save, you will be redirected to a page that will allow you to Add Another Employee
  10. Continue entering all of the employees. Once all employees are added, you will want to send them an invitation to activate and complete the onboarding process. Click on the people tab on the left side and then employees tab along the top. Once on the employees page you will see your list of employees. Next to each employee there will be a message that says "Waiting for employee to finish self-onboarding" This means that the employee is not active yet
  11. In order to send the invitation, Click on the 3 action dots next to each employee and select "Resend Email". This will send an invitation to complete onboarding to the employee's email address. Alternatively, you can click "Resend All" in the top right-hand corner and this will resend the invitation to all employees
  12. Option 2 is to onboard the employees yourself, in which case, select "No. I will input the details myself"
  13. You will be guided through the whole onboarding process, leaving only any required documents to be signed by the employee
  14.  Option 3 allows you do download a CSV. spreadsheet that can be completed and imported (this is a time saving recommendation if there are more than 5-10 employees). Click on the People tab on the left side then click on the Employees tab along the top. On the right-hand side there is an option to Mass Employee Import. It is important to set up your paygroups ahead of time as each paygroup should be imported separately. You can also set up your different departments prior to downloading the template and this will allow you to assign the employees to the departments through import
  15. Click on Mass Employee Import and select Download Import Template 
  16. The spreadsheet has all the information required for each employee
  17. Using the spreadsheet can also help identify any employee information that is missing. You can save the spreadsheet and continue to work on it as information is collected.
  18. Employee Number, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Email are entered as simple text. Paygroup and Location are selected from a drop-down menu. Job titles must be entered in order for the CSV. to import. Team refers to the company Departments. Use the drop-down menu to assign the employee to a department. Choose whether the employee will be salary or hourly and then enter their wage (For example: An hourly employee with a wage of $18, will have an hourly wage time frame whereas a salaried employee's salary may be $60,000 per year or $5,000 per month)
  19. Use the drop down menu in the vacation pay column to select how vacation is paid out (or accrued) and at what percent (Vacation Pay Rate column). 4% is 2 weeks, 5% is 2.5 weeks, 6% is 3 weeks, 7% is 3.5 weeks, 8% is 4 weeks, 9% is 4.5 weeks, 10% is 5 weeks
  20. Continuing entering all the remaining information using the drop-down menu to select the Province as well as the Bank No. The Transit number and Bank account number are set up with warnings, notifying you that the entry must be a certain number of characters
  21. Once you have fully completed and reviewed the spreadsheet, it is now time to import it. (The system may report error messages to you if certain fields are left empty such as email, postal code, job title etc.)(The middle name field may be left empty)
  22. Click on People on the left side, then click on Employees along the top. On the far right-hand side click on "Mass Employee Import" and select "Import Employees". Choose the file for the spreadsheet from your computer and import it.
  23. If you are met with any error message, correct the information and import the spreadsheet again. Often, most of the information has been picked up by the system but import again after corrections have been made. During the second import you may be told that certain information is already in the system (for example it may tell you that an email is already entered or a duplicate). This is because is has picked up the info from the first import but the second import is required to pick up all the information or changes made from error adjustments 
  24. The system will let you know if there are errors or if the import was successful. Click "Back to Employee List"
  25. You can always edit information by clicking on the employees profile and navigating through the tabs along the top, using the green pencil icon to edit the information. (A green plus sign icon ex. Pay rate, is to add an additional or multiple pay rates. This is not to edit the current pay rate)

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