Re-Hiring an Employee who is On-Leave or has been dismissed

Re-hiring an Employee On Leave
  1. Open People > Employees
  2. Locate the employee from the list of employees and open their profile.
    1. If you re-hire an employee is coming off of a Leave of Absence, you will access their profile from the list of Active Employees
    2. If the Employee you wish to re-hire was previously Terminated, select the All Active drop-down list and select terminated. Open the employee's profile by selecting the 3 action dots beside the employee
  3. Once you have opened the employee's profile, select the Employment tab
  4. Scroll down to the Job Details section and select the green plus sign
  5. The Add New Employment window will open, enter a new Start Date and make sure all of the remaining fields have the correct information
  6. Select Save Changes and the employee will now appear as Active

Note: You may want to reconfirm information such as banking information, home address and other details that may have changed

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