Generating an ROE for an Employee Affected By COVID-19

Remove the Employee From Payroll

  1. Select the People tab, locate the employee from the list and open the Employee's profile
  2. While in the Employe's profile, select the red Remove From Payroll button in the top right corner
  3. The Dismiss Employee window will open, enter the Employee's Last Day 
  4. Use the drop-down menu to select the reason for termination:
  • If the Employee is sick or quarantined select Illness or Injury
  • If the Employee(s) stops working due to shortage of work or shutdown due to COVID-19 select Shortage of Work
  • Employee is not sick or quarantined but not working due to other reasons related to COVID-19: Select either Quit or Leave of Absence
  1. Fill out the next three fields if applicable: 
  • Salary Continuance End Date: If the employee is receiving pay for days occurring after their last day of employment, enter the date of the last day the employee will receive pay for.
  • Insurance/Benefit Coverage End Date
  • Expected Return Date
  • Additional Notes: Anything recorded in this field will be included in the ROE*

*Note: Please only add additional notes to the ROE when required. Including comments will pull the ROE from the automatic processing queue to be reviewed by an agent, this will slow down the ROE processing time

  1. Select Dismiss Employee

Generating the ROE

When Dismissing an employee, the last step asks you if you would like Knit to file an ROE for this employee. If you click Yes, I want to File now you will be taken to an ROE screen.

Access the Employee's ROE

If you select No I'll do it later, You will dismiss the employee and be taken back to the employee page. When you come back later to create the Employee's ROE:

  1. Locate & select the Status Drop Down menu titled All Active, select Terminated from the list
  2. Locate the Employee from the list of terminated employees and select the 3 action dots beside them, select View Profile
  3. Open the Documents tab and select Record of Employment
  4. Select Create New ROE
Completing the ROE

The ROE screen will populate most of the information required for the employee's ROE. Please make sure that all fields with a red star are completed.

For the Insurable Earnings section, a payroll summary will be available on the right-hand side which can be used to fill out the Pay Period fields on the left-hand side. The *Total ins. hours field must be manually entered. The grayed out Total ins. earning box will auto fill once the Pay Period fields have been entered.

Once everything is entered, select either Save & Review or Save Draft and return to finish it at a later time

Once you select Save & Review the Review ROE page will open. Review the ROE and make sure the details are correct. If you need to make an adjustment select Return to Edit

If all the details are correct and you are ready to confirm the ROE, select Confirm

Filing the ROE

Filing the ROE with Knit
  1. Open the employee's profile Documents tab, select Record of Employment, locate the confirmed ROE and select View
  2. The ROE will open, select File with Knit*

Note: If you did not click on "File with Knit", Knit will not file it on your behalf.

  1. You will then receive a confirmation message saying that your ROE has been filed.

Please note that if Knit does not have access to your company's ROE Web account our team will have to request access. We will not be able to file your employee's ROE until our access is granted. We anticipate that this process may take longer than usual due to the current situation with COVID-19. If you would like to shorten the wait time for the employee we recommend filing the ROE on your own.

Filing your ROE on your Own

Alternatively, if you would like to speed up the employee's wait time, you can download the .BLK file and file the ROE on your own through your CRA ROE Web access account. To access the .BLK file for the ROE:

  1. Open the employee's profile Documents tab, select Record of Employment, locate the confirmed ROE and select View
  2. The ROE will open, select Export to .BLK and the file will download.

Please visit this link to view Service Canada's ROE Web Access Guide

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