Access Your Record of Employment

Access your ROE

  1. Login to your Knit profile
  2. Open My Profile > Documents > Record of Employment

If your employer has confirmed an ROE for you, it will appear in this section of your profile. (see below)

If there is no record of employment (see image below) this means that your employer has not yet created an ROE for you; if this is the case, please consult your employer.


Q: I am leaving my job in a couple of weeks, can I ask my employer to file my ROE now so I can get a head start on my EI application?

A: No, you can't receive an ROE until your employment has concluded. You are also not eligible for EI until 2 weeks after the end of your employment.

Q: How come my ROE has no serial number?

A: A serial number will appear beside your ROE once it has been filed with Service Canada. If there is no serial number posted, this means it has not been filed.

Q: Why does my ROE have a different start date than my original start date with the company?

A: ROE's only cover a 1 year timeframe so your ROE may list a different start date if you have worked at the company for more than 1 year. In order for employees to qualify for EI, they need to have worked a certain amount of insurable hours from the previous year. Insurable working hours from years prior do not count toward an employee's EI eligibility; the CRA only takes into consideration the insurable working hours from the employees most current year of work.

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