Reimbursement of Work-Related Expenses and details of employment (FED)

On October 03, 2022, the federal government published two proposed regulations amending Regulations under the Canada Labour Code regarding reimbursement of work-related expenses and employee information.

The proposed regulations would require employers to reimburse their employees for work-related expenses within 30 days of an employee submitting a claim for payment unless there is a prior written agreement setting out an alternate time limit.

Employers must consider the following factors in determining if an expense is work-related:

  • The expense is connected with the employee’s performance of work;
  • The expense was incurred to enable an employee to perform work;
  • The incurred expense is a requirement of continued employment;
  • The expense was incurred to satisfy a requirement for the employee’s work imposed by an occupational health or safety standard; and
  • Whether the expense was incurred for a legitimate business purpose rather than for personal use or enjoyment.

Employers must also provide their employees with the following:

  • A written employment statement containing information relating to their employment within the first 30 days of employment, and
  • The information respecting the employers’ and employees’ rights and obligations under Part III of the Code within the first 30 days of their employment and within 30 days of any updates.

The above amendments are not yet in force. More details are available here.

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