March 2022

We know that off-boarding employees can take time, and the process of completing an ROE can be especially cumbersome and get in the way of other tasks. With our newest ROE update you can now delete unwanted drafts, helping to streamline your workflow.


Choosing export settings can also take a significant amount of time, especially when needing to pick the same QuickBooks Online settings over and over again. With our QuickBooks Online options update, our clients are now given access to global export settings where specific documents can be attached to QuickBooks Online exports and prefixed numbers can be added. Vacation accruals are also now customizable along with allowing the option to choose between export pay dates or pay periods, which tend to streamline workflows and save time. 


Recurring incomes can also now be found in the mass changes page, preventing the need to manually add it to an employee’s payroll each time.

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