Viewing Your Previous Payrolls

  1. To view your previous payroll runs click on Run Payroll
  2. Along the top, click on Recent Payrolls
  3. Locate the pay date or the pay cycle you would like to view
  4. Click on the action dots located on the right-hand side under Action for the payroll you would like to view, and then select View 
  5. You can download a detailed report by clicking on the link in the upper right-hand corner
  6. Alternatively, you can click on Reports and then Payroll Reports to view different payroll reports
  7. For example - click on the report Payrun Summary and locate the payroll run you would like to view
  8. Click on the action dots on the right-hand side and select View Detail
  9. Another example is the Pay Statement report. Click on the report and then use the drop-down menu to select the Pay Date you would like to view
  10. You can export the information as a CSV file or Download a PDF by clicking on these options in the upper right-hand corner

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