Create New Paygroup

You may have some employees or contractors that are paid monthly, while others are paid bi-weekly. With Knit, you can easily accommodate multiple employee pay schedules by creating and assigning paygroups. To set up a new paygroup:

  1. Open Run Payroll > Paygroups
  2. Select Add New Paygroup, the Add New Paygroups window will open
  1. Enter the name of the Paygroup (this can be anything that will help you identify the Paygroup)
  2. Using the Pay Frequency drop-down menu, select how often the employees in this paygroup will receive pay
  3. Use the Day of Week drop-down menu to select the day of the week the employees will be paid
  4. Then select the next Pay Date
  • After you choose the next Pay Date, the following 2 fields (Deadline to Run Payroll, and For Work Done) will automatically populate
  • The Deadline cannot be changed as this date accounts for the time needed to process payroll based on the next Pay Date you have selected
  1. The next field For Work Done, can be changed. The system will suggest a couple time frames, or you can choose Other for more options
  2. Select Create

(Note: Once a paygroup has been created, it cannot be modified. If you would like to make changes to a paygroup you will first need to remove the employees, delete/deactivate the paygroup and proceed to create a new paygroup)

Deleting Paygroups

To delete a Paygroup, click on the 3 action dots on the right-hand side under Action and select Delete. A Paygroup can only be deleted if no payroll runs for that paygroup have been completed. If you are unable to delete the paygroup you can deactivate the paygroup by clicking on he 3 action dots on the right-hand side under Action and Deactivate

Changing an Employee's Paygroup

Please refer to this HelpDoc for instructions on how to change an employee's paygroup

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