Give an Employee a Raise

  1. Open Run Payroll > People
  2. Locate the employee you would like to give a raise to, select the 3 action dots on the left and select View Profile
  3. Once you have opened the employee's profile, open the Compensation tab
  4. Scroll down to the Payrate section and select either the green pencil icon to edit the current payrate or select the green plus icon to add a new payrate
  5. The Edit Pay Rate/Add Pay Rate window will open, enter the employee's new wage in the Wage field
  6. Select Save Changes to implement the changes

(Note: Adding, removing or editing this pay rate will result in the loss of any currently unconfirmed payroll data linked to this pay rate, including vacation pay. If you make a change to an employee's pay rate when you have a payroll currently in progress, you will have to re-enter this employee's payroll)

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