Running an Off-cycle Payroll

If you need to run a payroll outside of your regular pay schedule, you can do so at any time. Off-cycle payrolls default to using the same withholding rates, deductions, and contributions made in regular payrolls. There are no extra fees for running an off-cycle payroll.

Running an Off-cycle payroll is a similar process to running a regular payroll. There is just one extra step when you run an off-cycle payroll; you have to manually select the payroll's paygroup, pay date, pay period start date and pay period end date.

  1. Click the Run Payroll tab
  2. Click on the Run Off-Cycle Payroll button
  3. Select a paygroup from the drop-down menu
  4. Select a pay date
By default, the system will display the earliest day you'll be able to pay employees via direct deposit. If you choose an earlier payday, you will only have the option to payout the payroll via cheque
  1. Select the pay period start and end date
  2. Select Continue, you will then proceed to the input payroll screen
  3. Click into the regular hours, salary pay, hourly pay, or other earnings fields to make any adjustments. If you wish to not pay all of the employees in this paygroup, please make sure to change the other employees' payment method to "Skip Payroll" to avoid paying them by mistake. 
  4. Click Save & Review to move forward to the Review Payroll page
  5. When you are ready, select Approve and that's it! You've run an off-cycle payroll

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