Pay an Employee an Hourly Rate

  1. Open the People tab, and select the employee from the list
  2. Once you have opened the employee's profile, select the Compensation tab
  3. Scroll down to the Compensation heading and select the green pencil icon beside it
  4. The Edit Compensation window will open, click to open the Employee Type Option drop-down menu and select 'Hourly' from the list
  5. Select Save Changes

Now that you have set their payment type, it is time to assign them in an hourly rate.

  1. While still in the Employee's Compensation Profile tab, Scroll down to the Payrate section and select the Green Plus icon beside it to open the Add Pay Rate window. You can also select the Green Pencil icon beside the existing payrate to open the Edit Pay Rate window
  2. From the Wage Per drop-down menu, select 'Hour' from the list
  3. Enter the employee's hourly wage in the Wage field
  4. Select Save Changes

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