Adding & Assigning Income Types


Creating Income Types

  1. Click on the Run Payroll Tab on the left side
  2. Click on the Income Types tab along the top
  3. On the far right side, click on the option to Add New Income Type
  1. The Add New Income Type window will open, enter a description for the new income type
  2. From the Income Type drop-down menu, select an income type category that is applicable to the income type you are creating. You also have the option to include a GL expense code
  3. Select Create

(Note: When you select an income type, the tax properties will be displayed underneath the drop-down menu. If you would like to assign different tax properties to your income type you can create a Custom Income Type)

Assigning Income Types to an Employee

  1. Open the People Tab and select an employee that you would like to assign this income type to
  2. Once you have opened the employee's profile, select the Compensation tab, scroll down to the Additional Income section and select the green plus icon
  3. The Add Recurring Income window will open, select the new income type from the Additional Income drop-down menu. If you would like to include a default payment amount for each pay period, enter the amount in the Default Amount Per Pay Period field
  4. Select Save, now this income type will appear on the Input Payroll screen when you go to run the next payroll

Adding an Income Type to a Payroll Run

On the Input Payroll screen, select the orange plus icon beside the Earnings column heading. From the drop-down menu, select the newly created income type

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