Payroll Troubleshooting - Active Employees not appearing on Payroll

If you notice that an employee is missing from a payroll run the first thing you should do it check the dates of the employee's employment; payrolls will only include employees who were employed during the pay period dates. If the pay period does not line up with the employee's start & end dates they will not appear on the payroll run.

Skipping a Pay-cycle

There are two methods of skipping a pay-cycle:

  1. If the pay-cycle is overdue and has active employees, open Run Payroll > Run Payroll, select the 3 action dots beside the paygroup and select Skip Payroll
  1. If the pay-cycle has no active employees, open Run Payroll > Paygroup, locate the paygroup, select the 3 action dots and select Go to Next Paydate

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