Re-activating an Employee on Leave

If you need to reactivate an employee on leave, please ensure that auto-run is disabled for the pay group that you are rehiring the employee into.

  1. Click on the People tab and select the Employees tab
  2. Locate the employee on leave from the list
  3. Under Action, click on the orange action dots of the employee on leave that you would like to activate. Select View Profile
  1. Once in the employee profile, click on the Employment tab
  2. Click the green plus icon next to Job Details
  1. A display box will open allowing you to enter Employee information including their new Start Date
  2. Save Changes
  1. Now the employee will be listed as active and will be included in the next payroll after their start date

Note: You may want to reconfirm the employee's details such as banking information, home address and other details that may have changed

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