Rehiring a Dismissed Employee

To rehire a dismissed employee:

  1. Click on the People tab
  2. Click on the Employees tab along the top
  3. Use the second drop-down list "All Active" next to the search bar in the middle of the page, and select Terminated
  4. On the far right-hand side under Action, click on the orange action dots of the terminated employee you would like to rehire and select View Profile to open the employee's profile.
  5. Once you have opened the employee's profile, Click on the Employment tab
  6. Click on the green plus sign next to Job Details
  7. A display box will open allowing you to enter Employee information including their new Start Date
  1. Select Save Changes
  2. Now the dismissed employee will appear as an active employee
  3. You may want to reconfirm information such as banking information, home address and other details that may have changed

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