Make an existing employee a Payroll Collaborator

To make an existing user or employee a payroll collaborator:
  1. Open the Settings, select the Access Level tab, and select Collaborator from the side menu. If you would like to view what access the selected group receives, select the orange eye icon in the top left corner

(Note: This is the default Collaborator access level option and its settings cannot be customized. Click here for more information on creating a new custom access level)

  1. Select Add Employee in the top right corner
  2. The Add Employee Collaborator window will open, select the employee(s) from the list
  3. Select Save
If you would like to change the employee's access level at a later date:
  1. Open Settings -> Access Level and locate the employee
  2. Select the 3 action dots beside the employee
  3. Select the desired access level from the drop-down menu

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