Payroll Troubleshooting - Modifying Confirmed Payroll Runs

Checking the status of the payroll

Open Run Payroll > Recent Payrolls.

If the status is listed as Pending the payroll can still be modified. to edit the payroll select the 3 action dots beside the payroll run and select Edit

If the status is listed as Processing or Complete, the payroll can no longer be modified on the platform

Reconciling Errors on Previously Confirmed Payrolls

If you underpaid an employee by mistake, you can run an Off-cycle payroll to pay the employee their remaining payment.

If you have overpaid an employee by mistake, you can deduct the amount of the overpayment from the employee's future payrolls.

(Note: Adjustments to previously confirmed payrolls require manual work from our development team as well as accountant oversight. This adjustments will result in a fee of $100/hour. Please visit our HelpDoc for more information on Sundry Fees)

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