Get Started: Setup Payroll Schedule

You may have some employees or contractors that are paid monthly, while others are paid bi-weekly. 

  1. To set up a Payroll schedule, click on the Get Started tab on the left side and then click on Setup Payroll schedule

  2. This schedule will be for employees paid bi-weekly. Enter the name of the Paygroup (this can be anything that will help you identify the Paygroup). Choose the Pay Frequency using the drop-down menu

  3. Use the drop-down menu to select the day of the week the employees will be paid

  4. Then select the next Pay Date. After you choose the next Pay Date, the following 2 fields (Deadline to Run Payroll, and For Work Done) will automatically populateThe Deadline cannot be changed as this date accounts for the time needed to process payroll based on the next Pay Date you have selected

  5. The next field For Work Done, can be changed. The system will suggest a couple time frames, or you can choose Other for more options

  6. Click Save

  7. You can create as many Paygroups as you would like. To add another Paygroup, click on the Add New Paygroup button on the right-hand side of the screen. To create additional Paygroups at a later time, click on the Run Payroll tab on the left side and then click on Paygroup along the top and select Add New Paygroup

  8. To delete a Paygroup, click on the 3 action dots on the right-hand side under Action and select Delete. (A Paygroup can only be deleted if no payroll runs for that paygroup have been completed). If A payroll has been completed for that paygroup but you would still like to switch employees to a new paygroup , you are able to do this by entering each employees profile and navigating to the Compensation tab. Click on the green pencil icon next to the Compensation section in order to edit. Re-assign the employees to the new paygroup. 

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