Get Started: Adding Employees

Now that you have set up your payroll schedule, you're ready to start adding your employees. It is recommended that you set up your company departments prior to adding employees. This way your employees can be assigned to departments as you onboard them. For more information on setting up departments click here

To Add employees to Knit:
  1. Click on the Get Started tab on the left side and then click on Add Employees

(Note: It is important to have all employees' correct email addresses as this is the way they will complete onboarding; In order for an employee to be paid by a payroll run in Knit, they must have an activated profile)

  1. On this screen, you will be able to check or uncheck any of the documents you want to be included in the employee onboarding process. For more information on TD1 forms, click here


There are 3 ways to add all of your employees:

Option 1 is Employee Self Onboarding:

  1. You can have your Employees complete all, or some of their onboarding. If you select "Yes. Email the employee requesting their details" you will be redirected and prompted to fill out some basic information for the employee
  2. Once you have entered the information and click Save, you will be redirected to a page that will allow you to Add Another Employee
Option 2 is to onboard the employees yourself
  1. Select "No. I will input the details myself"
  2. You will be guided through the whole onboarding process, leaving only any required documents to be signed by the employee.
Option 3 is the Employee Mass Import Template

Click here for more information on this feature

Employee Activation Status

You will know if your employee has activated their account if the status is listed as "Active". If the status is listed as "Activation email sent" or "Waiting for Employee to finish self-onboarding" this means they have not activated their account.

If you would like to Re-send the invitation, click on the 3 action dots next to each employee and select "Resend Email". Alternatively, you can click "Resend All" in the top right-hand corner and this will resend the invitation to all employees

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