Find a completed ROE on Knit

After completing and confirming an ROE and requesting Knit to file it, use these steps to find the filed ROE within the terminated employee's documents:

  1. Log in and click the People tab on the left-hand side. You'll be taken to the Employees tab, listing all employees.

  2. Open the drop-down menu labeled "Active" and choose "Terminated" to display terminated employees.

  3. Click the three dots displayed under "Action" to access the profile of the terminated employee.

  4. Once inside the terminated employee's profile, select the Documents tab at the top.

  5. Scroll down to locate the original confirmed ROE, which you asked Knit to file. It's placed under the "ROE" heading. Just above, there's a section labeled "Non-signature Documents." This is where you can find and view the filed ROE for printing.

  6. Click "View" to see the completed and filed ROE.

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