Cancelling PTO Request After It Has Been Approved (Manager)

If an Employee has requested time off and this time off has been approved, it can still be cancelled if the employee no longer needs this time off. The employee will not be able to cancel this themselves once it has been approved. The Employer/Manager/Accountant will have the access required to cancel it.

  1. Click the Time Off tab
  2. Identify the Vacation or PTO on the calendar that needs to be cancelled
  3. You can search for the employee in the Search Employee bar at the top. Alternatively, you can change the dates that the calendar is displaying by clicking on the left and right arrows located beneath the search bar on the left side or by clicking the Month, Week, Day buttons located on the right side
  4. Once you have located the specified time off on the calendar, click on the ribbon banner
  5. Click Cancel Entry in the bottom right corner of the display box


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