Adding Company Holidays

To add company holidays:

  1. Click on Time Off
  2. Along the top, click on the Holidays tab
  3. On the far right-hand side you will see two options that will allow you to Load All Holidays and Add Holidays
  4. Click on the Load All Holidays button and this will automatically generate some of the standard holidays for example, New Year's Day and Good Friday
  5. Click on Add Holidays if you would like to add any holidays that are not automatically listed
  6. Enter the Holiday Name and then click on the Holiday Date field and use the calendar to select the appropriate date
  7. Then click Save
  8. Any of the holidays that have been added will now appear on the Time Off calendar
  9. You can also edit or remove holidays, once they have been added, by clicking on the action dots on the right-hand side and selecting either Edit or Delete
  10. There is also an option to Remove All Holidays 

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