Administrators: Creating a Custom Access Level

To create a custom access level:
  1. Open Settings --> Access Level
  2. Select the green plus icon next to Levels
  3. A drop-down menu with different access levels with descriptions will appear. Select the type of access level you would like to create and customize
  1. You will then be directed to the New Access Level screen. Enter the name of the new access level and write a description (optional)
  2. Underneath the description field, there is a tab for each section/sub section in Knit's platform. Each tab/sub tab contains functions and views that can be applied or removed from an access level. You can choose whether you want employees to have the ability to edit, view or have no access to certain information. (See example below)
  1. Select/unselect the functions & views you would like to be applied to the access level
  2. Select Create to save the new access level
If you would like to edit the newly created access level:
  1. Open Settings --> Access Level
  2. Select the access level from the list on the left side
  3. Select the orange pencil icon located in the top right corner


  1. Check/uncheck the settings you wish to change
  2. Select Update to save the changes
  3. Note: System-default access levels cannot be edited, only the custom ones created by you

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