Update company's Remittance Schedule

If your company requires an update to its remittance frequency, you will receive a notice from CRA with the company's new remittance schedule. To make changes to your company's current remittance schedule:

  1. Open Company > Payroll Details
  2. Select the 3 action dots beside your company's CRA Payroll Number & current remittance schedule and select Edit
  3. The Edit Payroll Detail will open
  4. Select your new Remittance Schedule from the drop-down menu
  5. Select Save

You can check the Expected Remittance Date under the Statement Information on the Payroll Summary Report. You can access the Payroll Summary Report in Knit under Reports > Payroll Reports > Payroll Summary.

Remitting frequency, periods and due dates by remitter type

Remittance Schedule


Remitting Frequency

Due Date

Regular & Quarterly*


Calendar months

15th day of the following month

Threshold 1 accelerated

Up to twice a month

1st to 15th of the month16th to end of the month

25th day of the same month

10th day of the following month

Threshold 2 accelerated

Up to four times a month

1st to 7th of the month

8th to 14th of the month

15th to 21st of the month

22nd to the last day of the month

3rd working day after the 7th

3rd working day after the 14th

3rd working day after the 21st

3rd working day after the last day of the month

*Please note Knit does not have an option for quarterly remittances. If your company is a quarterly remitter, please select "Regular Remitter" as your schedule, and we will remit your source deductions every month.

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