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When it comes to important documents, you should never need to chase after someone just for their signature. With Knit's newest feature, you can quickly and painlessly grab e-signatures whenever you need them. We’ve also built a lot of customization into this feature that we will cover below.

To get started, navigate to the Document Manager, then the Signature tab, and click "Add Document."

To start, we’ll walk you through an overview of how e-signatures work with Knit.

  1. Upload a PDF document and assign up to 4 signees.
  2. Drag and drop an unlimited number of signatures, initials, text boxes, check boxes, and date fields to gather the information you need.
  3. Assign your document and request a signature.
  4. Receive a notification when the e-signature is complete.


1. Upload a PDF document and assign up to 4 signees.


  1. Upload a document. Make sure it is a PDF file under 5mb in size.
  2. Name your document.
  3. Assign up to 4 signees.

Note: A signee is not the specific person, but it is a role that you will use to assign signatures to in your document (in the future, this will work with our templates feature). You will get a chance to assign the document to specific people in your organization at a later state. While you have the freedom to name your signees as you please, we recommend using names that add context. When you assign people as signees later on, the context provided with the name will help.

2. Drag and drop fields to setup your signature document


There are 5 different types of fields that you may drag and drop to customize your document, including:

  • Signature
  • Initial
  • Date
  • Checkbox
  • Text box: populate the document with information from Knit, such as Company Business Name, or give the signee a text box to write their name or address in.

Setting up a field


  1. Drag and drop the field to its intended position on the document.
  2. Assign the field to a signee.
  3. Leave it as an optional field or set is as a required field.


Setting up Text Box Fields

The Text Box field works the same way as the other drag and drop fields, except for the additional pre-populated data options. When selecting a text box, Knit allows you to choose from the following options:


The pre-populated data can either be company wide or employee specific. In the latter case, it would provide a different value depending on the employee it is assigned to.


3. Assign your document and request a signature

When you are satisfied with the data fields, click the Next button at the bottom of the screen. A modal will pop-up asking you to assign individuals to the signee roles you created. Use the search bar to find the right person from your company directory. To ensure your signees are well informed, you can set automated reminder emails to be sent to them after 1, 3, and 7 days from the day it is initially sent.


4. Receive a notification when an e-signature is complete.

You will be notified by email when a document has been signed. You may also view and download the final copy from the Document Manager.

Managing Documents


You can manage your documents via the Document Manager >> Signature documents home page. Here you will have the ability to view or delete your document, see who has signed the document, and send them a reminder to complete the task.

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