Create Document Templates with Knit

  1. Open Manage Documents > Templates
  2. Select Create Template, you will then be directed to the Create a Template - Step 1/2 - Upload File page
  3. Click Select File to upload the document you wish to include in your template, please make sure the document is a PDF file
  4. Type in a name for the document in the Document Name field
  5. Type in a name for the team members who will be signing this document (ie employee, team member, manager, CEO, etc)
  6. Select Next, You will then be taken to the Add a Document Step 2/2 - Prepare doc for signing page
    1. On this page, you can drag & drop signature, initial, date and checkbox fields directly onto the document for your employees to sign/complete. If you would like to edit the properties of a document field, click the field to open the properties panel to assign fields and modify settings
    2. Text boxes come with built-in template options where you can pre-populate information from the signing employee's profile. Please note that this information will only populate these fields if it was entered into the system previously. Text box options include: Company Address, Company Name, Employee Salary and Employee Start Date... and more!
  7. Once you are finished preparing the template for signing, select Next. You will then be taken to the Who Needs to sign this Document? page
  8. Select the departments you would like to send the document to. If you would like to send it to specific employees, select the arrows beside the department names to access the list of department employees. Check off which employees you wish to send the document to
  9. If you would like to send automated reminders for your employees to sign their document, check off the Send automated reminders? Days between notifications: 1, 3, 7 option
  10. Select Send to send off the document to your employee(s) for signing

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