Update your Bank Account on your Knit Employee Account

  1. Sign in to your Knit account
  2. Open the My Profile tab
  3. Once you have opened your profile, select the Direct Deposit tab
  4. Select the green pencil icon beside the Direct Deposit heading
  5. The Edit Bank Account window will open, select your financial institution from the Bank Name drop-down menu and enter the Transit & Account number. If you don't see your financial insitution. In the Bank Name drop-down menu, select a bank with the same 3 digit institution number
  6. Optional: Indicate whether this is a checking or savings account
  7. Select Save and you will receive the confirmation message "Successfully Updated Bank Account"

Note: If you update your bank account after your employer has confirmed a payroll, your payment will not be sent to the newly added bank account until the following payday. Payments are sent to the bank account that is listed on employees' profie at the time a payroll has been confirmed.

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