Quebec Budget 2024-2025

Québec’s Minister of Finance, Éric Girard, tabled the 2024-2025 provincial Budget on March 12, 2024. National Payroll Institute representatives were invited to attend the reading of the embargoed budget documents during the lock up. Prioritizing the healthcare and education systems, the Budget did not contain any measures that directly impact payroll professionals, however, does contain initiatives that may affect employers and employees. 

Adjusting certain tax assistance measures for businesses 

The government plans to abolish the tax credit for businesses to foster the retention of experienced workers, which has not produced the expected effects. 

To encourage experienced workers to participate in the labour market, the government  introduced a number of measures, including the tax credit for businesses to foster the retention of experienced workers (CMETE) in Budget 2019-2020. This tax credit was available to eligible businesses that employ an individual aged 60 or over. It is calculated on the Québec employer contributions paid in respect of such an employee. 

As of March 13, 2024, the government plans to abolish the CMETE due to its lack of efficiency. 

Eliminating the pension reduction for seniors with disabilities starting at  age 65 

In Budget 2024-2025, the government is announcing that, as of January 1, 2025, 

it will completely eliminate the retirement pension reduction for seniors with disabilities reaching the age of 65.  

Increasing audits 

The government is announcing investments of $96.5 million over five years to roll out a series of initiatives aimed at strengthening tax audit and collection and stepping up the fight against economic crime. These measures will help generate additional revenue of $660 million over five years. This reinforces the need for employers to maintain compliance in all their payroll activities. Access the Institute’s library of compliance tools and resources at  

See these and all other Budget details in the Budget documents here

Stay tuned for a forthcoming edition of The Payroll Advocate with news about Québec’s version of ePayroll, la paie électronique. 

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