T4032 Tax Tables Published

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has published the 2024 T4032 guide employers use for payroll deductions. Specifically, it provides detailed information on how to deduct Canada Pension Plan (CPP & CPP2) contributions, Employment Insurance (EI) premiums, and income tax from employees' pay.  


For 2024, a new table has been introduced to assist users in determining CPP2 contributions, as outlined below: 


  • For pensionable earnings up to $68,500, Section B(i) should be consulted to calculate CPP contributions. 

  • For pensionable earnings ranging from $68,500 to $73,200, Section B(ii) is designated for calculating CPP2 contributions. 


Employers can use the tables in the guide to calculate the amounts to be deducted for each pay period. Additionally, T4032 guides are specific to each province or territory, providing information that reflects the different tax rates and requirements applicable across the country.  


Employers can also use the Payroll Deductions Calculator (PDOC) to calculate federal and provincial payroll deductions quickly and accurately. 

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