Aug to Oct 15 2023


  • Made a mistake with your payroll? No worries! Now, you can roll back to a previous pay period.

  • On the Payroll Review Page, you'll find a new CSV file that provides a detailed breakdown of the entire payroll. This includes all income, deductions, and taxes. You can use this to double-check your pay run and make sure your payroll is accurate.
  • You can now import payroll data for off-cycle payroll runs.
  • For pay runs with over 40 employees in the pay group, we've made it more convenient. Instead of waiting for calculations on the loading screen, users are now redirected to recent payrolls where they can multitask. Once the calculations are complete, the system sends an email to the person running the payroll, prompting them to return and review the results.


  • We've introduced a new feature in Recent Payrolls called 'Payroll Drafts.' This section displays payrolls that have been generated but not yet confirmed. Any work you do in the input payroll screen will be automatically saved as a payroll draft, allowing you to review or run it at your convenience.


  • Payroll approvals allows your company to establish controls before payroll processing occurs. The approval process is based on a quorum, and you can customize the number of approvers depending on the number of administrators or collaborators within the organization.


  • You now have the flexibility to create an income type with calculations based on 'Per Unit,' making it ideal for various scenarios such as union calculations, mileage per kilometer, or additional pay based on units of time worked.


  • Vacation pay overwrite by hours is now available to all single rate employees who are not paid vacation per paycheque
  • In the Paid Time Off list view, you now have the ability to see the policy associated with the vacation taken.

  • Accrued vacation balances will now be visible on paystubs for all employees who earn vacation time, providing a clear snapshot of their accrued time off.


  • The ROE (Record of Employment) status report now includes the serial number for improved tracking and reference.


  • In the accountant dashboard, you can now easily sort payrolls by clicking on the column headers.
  • We've made an update to the billing page for accountants and partners. You can now use a new filter to easily switch between viewing monthly and one-time fees.


  • We've made some general enhancements to boost the speed and overall performance of the platform. This includes the addition of pagination and filters in various pages.


    On the Employees screen, for terminated employees, we've added a display of their last termination date, making it easier to track their employment history.

  • QBO classes are now display in alphabetical order

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