Manual Entry


A manual payroll entry enables you to make adjustments and serves the purpose of meticulous record-keeping, ensuring the accuracy of the figures within the system.


You might create a manual payroll entry for a variety of situations, like entering payrolls from other platforms, noting direct employee payments, or correcting payroll errors. Common situations include modifying accrued or bank vacation pay, tracking external payments, managing payroll advances or adjusting records when an employee returns overpaid funds directly to you.


Moreover, it allows you to change the total for specific income or deduction types. What makes manual entry special is its capacity to add and subtract, making it an incredibly versatile tool for making corrections.


Note: When using a manual payroll entry, there are no calculations or fund transfers involved. There won't be any tax calculations, remittances, or payment processing through the system.


Ensure that you complete the gross pay column; otherwise, the manual payroll entry will not be saved. If you've made a mistake in your manual payroll entry, you can easily delete it and start over.

Please be aware there are no review screens available for manual payroll entry. By clicking "Final Submit," a manual payroll entry record will be generated.

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