Maternity Leave


For maternity leave please follow the instructions below:

  1. Terminate the employee to enable the system to record the precise date of the employee's departure for maternity leave.

  2. Issue a record of employment and complete all relevant fields, including "Other Monies." Choose the sub plan benefits even if no amount is necessary for this section.

  3. Establish a Mat-top up income type utilizing the provided screenshot settings.

  4. Rehire the employee with no annual salary or a nil per hour rate.

  5. Configure the recurring maternity top up amount, and you're all set.

Issuing Record of Employment

Maternity Leave Notes

  • Use Code F only when a person who is pregnant or has recently given birth is leaving the workplace to take maternity leave. It does not apply to adoptive parents or a parent who is not pregnant or has not recently given birth.
  • If the employee is pregnant and is experiencing an interruption of earnings first because of illness and then because of maternity leave, use Code D - Illness or injury, since you should use the code that applies first. In this case, there is no need to amend the ROE once the employee begins their maternity leave

  • If the employee is an adoptive parent or a parent to a newborn who has not recently given birth, see Code P- Parental

Custom Income Type

Here are the settings required for the Maternity Leave Top Up Income type:

1. Set the Income type as "Custom Income Type."
2. Choose "Amount" as the Payment Unit.
3. Do not record any hours.
4. Configure the Tax properties as follows: Taxable, Pensionable, Payable, and ensure "Yes" is selected for Included in Box 14.

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