What do the different payroll statuses mean?

Payroll Draft:

  • Initialized: This means the payroll is in draft mode and can be edited. It's been started, but data might not be entered yet.

  • Ready for Review: The payroll calculations are completed and the payroll calculations are ready for your review. 

  • Awaiting Approval: The payroll has been confirmed, and the approval process is currently in progress. The payroll will be processed once the required approval quorum is attained.

  • Feedback Sent: An approver has provided feedback. Please review the feedback and make the necessary adjustments before reconfirming the payroll.

  • Stale: The information within the payroll has lost accuracy and relevance due to settings changes or the passage of time. 

Confirmed Payroll:

  • Pending: This status indicates that the payroll has been confirmed ahead of the payroll deadline. Since the payroll deadline has not yet been reached, you have the flexibility to make adjustments or even choose to cancel the payroll if necessary.

  • Processing: This status indicates that the payroll is currently being processed, while also indicating that the payroll deadline has already passed. At this stage, no further changes are accepted but you can still cancel the entire payroll or you can contact Knit to cancel specific employee's direct deposits or stop a payment to CRA.

  • Completed: Knit has successfully debited the primary bank account on file, and/or the payroll is completed, and employees are paid.



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