Record of Employment (ROE) FAQ

Q: When I generate an ROE for an employee, I receive this message in red above the employee's historical payroll data:

There are pay interruptions for this employee. Please verify the data. An ROE may be required for the period prior to the interruption in earnings.

What does this mean and how can I fix it?

A: If you receive this message, this means that employee was not included in a previous payroll run causing an interruption in earnings. Service Canada requires employers to generate ROE's for employees whenever there is an interruption in earnings. Regardless of whether the employee intends to file a claim for EI benefits, you have to issue an ROE. Please visit this link to Service Canada's website for more information on ROE requirements.

You can resolve this issue by creating a second ROE for the employee's previous interruption in earnings. If you wish to create another ROE, make a note of the dates of the employee's earnings interruption, save a draft of the ROE and return to complete it later.

Please note that if you do not submit an ROE for the employee's pervious interruption in earnings, Service Canada may contact your company requesting an ROE for this interruption in earnings.

Q: Why is there no ROE serial number displayed beside my employee's ROE listed on their profile?

A: If the ROE is missing a serial number it simply means that it has not been filed with the CRA. Once the ROE has been filed, the serial number will be posted to the employee's profile and they will then be eligible to apply for EI.

Q: My employee's employment doesn't end until next week, they wanted to get a head start on their EI application. Can I generate & give them an ROE now?

A: Employees are not able to claim EI until 2 weeks after the employee's last day of work. An employee can't start the EI application process until after their last day of work.

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