Managing Payroll Approvals

Payroll approvals in Knit allow your company to establish controls before payroll processing occurs. The approval process is based on a quorum, and you can customize the number of approvers depending on the number of administrators or collaborators within the organization.

An approval rule can be applied to a specific paygroup, or you have the option to use the same approval policy for all your paygroups. Additionally, you can designate different approvers for different paygroups, making the process highly flexible.

Notifications are sent out during various stages of the payroll approval process, including payroll approval initiation, approver feedback, or payroll cancellation.

Note: Payroll will not be processed until all necessary approvals are completed. Therefore, any delays in approving payroll will lead to delays in payment delivery.


Setting up a payroll approval policy

To set up payroll approvals, follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Run Payroll" and navigate to the "Approvals" tab.
  2. Click on "+ Add Approval Policy."
  3. Choose a name for the approval policy.
  4. Select the number of approvers required. Note that the person running the payroll is not considered an approver.
  5. Choose whether the payroll must be approved before the payroll deadline. If you select "yes," the payroll will be cancelled if the approvers do not approve it by the deadline. If "no" was chosen, and the approvers approve the payroll late, it will be processed on the following business days.
  6. Select the desired payroll approver(s).

Assign a payroll approval policy to a paygroup

  1. Once you have created a payroll approval policy, click on "Run Payroll"
  2. Then navigate to the "Paygroup" tab.
  3. Under the "Approval Policy" column, click on the orange pencil icon.
  4. In the menu that appears, choose the payroll approval policy you want to associate with the paygroup and click on the "Assign Policy" button.

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