Work-Sharing Special Measures – Wildfire 2023

Due to the ongoing wildfire situations, some employers have had to limit or cease all operations. To ensure the best possible outcome for both the employers and the employees participating in the Work-Sharing Program, we are proactively contacting employers with active Work-Sharing agreements to inform you of Wildfire Special Measures.
Employers experiencing a decline in business activity attributable to the 2023 Wildfires in Canada can be eligible for Work-Sharing Wildfire Special Measures if they:

  • are located in the affected areas, and/or
  • have major customers and/or major suppliers located in the affected areas

Affected businesses may benefit from the Work-Sharing Wildfire Special Measures if they are:

  • new to the Work-Sharing program
  • have an existing Work-Sharing agreement
  • had a Work-Sharing agreement terminated in the past 26 weeks

Work-Sharing agreements approved under Wildfire Special Measures will:

  • have a minimum duration of six weeks
  • have a maximum duration of 26 weeks, and
  • have a 12-week extension, to a maximum total of 38 weeks, if required

Work-Sharing Wildfire Special Measures flexibilities:

  • decrease in business activity can be attributable to the Wildfires
  • mandatory cooling-off period between Work-Sharing agreements is waived
  • work reduction over the life of the agreement may exceed 60% but must be at least 10%
  • recovery measures may focus on the business’ recovery from the impact of the Wildfires

If your business has been impacted by the Wildfires, please contact the Regional Work-Sharing Unit for your area to discuss next steps:
Atlantic Provinces:
Western Canada and Territories:

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