Get Started: KYC/AML Document Upload

In order to fulfill our legal and regulatory obligations, Knit is required to verify the identity of our clients, as mandated by the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (the "Act") and its associated Regulations.



Non-Profits and Societies:

For non-profits without ultimate beneficial owners please upload the following: 

  • Board of Directors Document: Please upload a document that displays the board of directors of your non-profit organization. This could be in the form of a board resolution or any official document that lists the current board members.
  • Society Formation Documents: Please provide the society formation documents of your non-profit organization. These documents typically include the Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Association, or any other official documentation related to the formation of the society.
  • Information of Two Board Members: Please provide the information of two board members who have the authority to act on behalf of the non-profit organization. This should include their names, contact information, and any relevant positions or titles they hold within the organization.

For subsidiaries or companies with foreign ownership:
In addition to the documents requested please upload the following 

  • Ownership Chart: An ownership chart illustrating the relationship between the subsidiary, parent companies, and ultimate beneficial owners.
  • Incorporation Documents: The incorporation documents of the parent company.
  • Identification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners: The identification details of any ultimate beneficial owners associated with the parent company.


  • Please be advised that a health card is not considered a valid form of identification for the purpose of fulfilling our compliance requirements.


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