Submitting your timesheet

Submitting your time sheet in Knit Time is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:


1. Clocking In:

  • In the top right-hand corner of the platform, click on the clock icon to begin clocking in.

  • Fill in the required details for the shift, such as the shift time, job code, and location.
  • Click on "Clock In" to start tracking your working hours.

2. Viewing Time Sheets:

To view and manage your time sheets in Knit Time, follow these steps:

  • Within the navigation menu, click on "Timesheets" to navigate to the time sheet section.
  • Choose the relevant pay period to review the time sheets associated with that specific period.
  • Under the "Action" column in the time sheet overview, you will find three icons that provide different functionalities:
    • View Details: Clicking on this icon allows you to view the details of the specific time sheet, including clock-in and clock-out times, job codes, and any additional information associated with the shift.
    • Add Additional Hours: This icon enables you to add any extra hours to the time sheet for approval.
    • Time Sheet History: By clicking on this icon, you can review the history of the time sheet, providing an audit trail of any modifications or changes made

Manager Functions:

  • If you have manager-level access and responsibility for other employees, you will have additional capabilities, including the ability to finalize time sheets.
  • Finalizing time sheets indicates that the time sheet review and approval process is complete.


3. Clocking Out:

  • To clock out, follow the same process as clocking in by clicking on the clock icon.
  • Click on "Clock Out" to stop tracking your working hours.

Please note that currently, there is no mobile version of the Knit Time platform. However, a mobile version is coming soon, which will provide additional convenience for users.


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