May to June 2023

Payroll Run

  • Empty cells in the payroll import sheet will now be imported as 0 instead of nil value.
  • We have implemented optimizations to the run payroll flow, resulting in reduced load times for a smoother and faster experience.
  • The July 2023 payroll deduction tax table is now updated for Manitoba.


  • Anniversary emails now feature the number of years employed with the company, adding a personalized touch and emphasizing employee commitment and appreciation.


  • Added business number validation to ensure accurate and reliable data input.

KYC Workflow for UBO and Authorized Signatory 

  • This new feature streamlines the verification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) and Authorized Signatories, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while simplifying the onboarding experience for clients.

Bug Fixes

  • Implemented a series of bug fixes on the Knit platform to enhance its stability and functionality. These updates directly address user-reported issues, resulting in an improved overall user experience

New Service Update: Introducing Knit Employer of Record (EOR) Services

  • We are excited to launch Knit Employer of Record (EOR) services, initially available in Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Malaysia, with more countries to be added in the future. Our EOR services provide comprehensive employment solutions, ensuring compliance and simplifying global workforce management. Learn more by clicking here.

Product Update: Introducing Knit Time - Beta Testing and Free Usage

  • We are excited to launch Knit Time, a new feature designed for easy time tracking and attendance management. It is currently in beta testing and available for free until the end of the year. Try it out by contacting Knit support and provide feedback to help us improve.

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