Jan to Feb 2023

2023 Jan to Feb Update

Year End & T4 

  • General bug fixes including adding in additional field validations to prevent user input errors.
  • T4 submission time is now displayed in Eastern Standard Time.
  • Added in a new year banner reminding users to update payroll remittance schedules, Employer Health Tax and WCB/WSIB rates.

Payroll Run

  • Payroll Summary now displays the payroll number under the statement of information.
  • Reduced payroll run load time for pay runs with skipped as a payment method for employees.
  • Added in date validation to the off-cycle date picker to prevent user input errors.

Income Types

  • Bonus tax method calculation has been updated and uses previous income to estimate the bonus tax amount. 

Mass Change

  • Updated the number of employees displayed per page to 10.

Paid Time Off

  • Updated error message when deleting a paid time off category that has already been used.


What to expect in 2023

Knit Time

  • Build work schedule in minutes. Share it with your team and track time effortlessly
  • Features include employee scheduling, timesheets clock in/clock out, overtime management and more!

Knit Cash Management

  • The ability to fund your account using a variety of payment methods including PAD, Wire, Bill Payments, Interac E-Transfer, and hold funds in multiple currencies.
  • A complete overhaul of the prepaid functionality of the platform.
  • Statements and screens with credit and debit similar to your online banking.

Knit Account Payable

  • The ability to pay vendors and contractors globally using the currency of your choice.
  • Pay remote employees using any of the G20 currencies. Currencies outside of the G20 currencies will be supported later.
  • Invoice payment management

Knit Expense

  • Issue virtual or physical credit cards to departments, teams, or employees
  • Track expenses used on the credit card and allocated to the proper GL
  • Monitor your team's budget in real-time and stay on top of spending.

Knit Payroll V2.0

  • Complete rebuild of Knit's payroll infrastructure which will allow us to release features faster than ever before.
  • New user interface, and various workflow and processing speed improvements


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