Get Started: Adding Departments

Creating Departments

  1. Open Company --> Departments and select "Add Department"
  1. The Add Department window will open, enter the name of your department and select Save

Assigning Employees to Departments

Assigning a department to an employee while onboarding them onto Knit
  1. Select the Team drop-down menu in the Basic Information section of the add new employee screen
  2. Select the department you would like to assign the employee to and proceed with onboarding
Changing an Existing Employee's Department
  1. Click on the People tab, then select the employee
  2. Click on the Employment tab along the top
  3. In the Job Details section, click on the green pencil icon to edit the information
  4. The Edit Job Details window will open. Use the Department drop-down menu and select the department you would like this employee assigned to
  5. Select Save Changes
Assigning a Department to Multiple Employees at Time

Our Mass Changes feature allows you to assign multiple employees to a department at once.

  1. Click on the People tab
  2. Under the Employee tab, select Mass Changes
  1. On the Mass Changes screen, select the Employment tab
  1. Locate the employee and select the Department drop-down menu and select their department from the list
  2. Select Save Changes

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