Setting Up Workers' Compensation (WCB, WSIB)

Workers' compensation insurance is mandatory in Canada, but the rules for registration vary across each province. Once you have hired your first employee you should reach out to the workers’ compensation board (WCB) to determine your obligations as an employer.

Adding a WCB Rate

  1. Click on the Company Tab
  2. Navigate to Workers Comp
    1. Click on Add WCB Rate
    2. Select the Location from the drop down menu
    3. Leave Department as Select all
      1. If a department is not selected the WCB Rate will apply to all departments
    4. And then to finish off add in your WCB Rate in %
      1. Example: Enter 2.5 for 2.5%

Viewing your Workers' Comp Report 

To view your WCB Report

  1. Click on the Reports Tab
  2. Select WCB Premiums
    1. In this particular page you'll see all your payroll runs and its assessable earnings
    2. If you are missing a particular payroll run click on Missing Payrolls for WCB
      1. Select the payroll runs that you want to add to your WCB Premiums Report
      2. Then click Run WCB Premiums 

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