How to file your 2019 T4s with Knit

Important dates

February 25th, 2020 - deadline to confirm your T4s for submission in order for Knit to file on your organization’s behalf

You may still use Knit to generate T4s after this date, but you are responsible for filling them electronically to the CRA. For instructions on how to file your T4s electronically, click here

March 2nd, 2020 - deadline to file T4s with the CRA

Failure to submit T4s by the CRA deadline will result in fines ranging from $100 - $7,500.

Preparing to file

  1. Double-check your CRA Payroll/Business Number.

Open Company --> Payroll Details, confirm that the CRA Payroll number is the same as the one on your PD7A.

  1. Double-check that employee information is complete and accurate.

Using the Mass Changes tool (found under People --> Employees), ensure the following fields are correct:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Street
  • Province
  • Postal Code

Generating your T4 package

  1. Navigate to Reports --> Year End
  2. Select the year 2019 to process your 2019 T4 package.
  3. Click "Generate T4s" to display the T4s for 2019
  4. Carefully review the T4s generated by Knit. If there are amounts that were not entered into Knit during 2019, you may add them by clicking the “Edit T4s” icon on the top right corner of the T4 page.

(Note: Edits to individual T4s must be made at this step!)

  1. Optional: unselect employees if you do not want their T4s included in this years' T4 filing
  2. Confirm the T4s by click on the check mark icon on the top right corner. Go back to edit the T4s during this step by clicking on the return icon on the top right corner.
  3. The T4 summary will be generated by Knit. Please review these amounts, specifically the amounts of Box 82 for “Total Remitted”. You may find the value for this amount in your My CRA business account. Note: the CRA audits remittance deficiencies using the amounts in their system, inaccuracies in your T4 summary for Box 82 will not alone trigger a PIER.
  4. Confirm the T4 package by clicking Confirm at the bottom of the T4 Summary. 
  • Once the T4 Package is confirmed, you will not be able to make any future edits.
  • The T4s will be available to employees as soon as the administrator confirms the T4s.
  • Employees whose T4 slips were included in the submission will receive a notification that the T4s are now ready.
Choosing how to file

You have two options for filling your company's T4's:

  1. You can file your T4s on your own by following the CRA's guidelines
  2. Let Knit file on your behalf. If you choose this option, please have your T4's confirmed for submission before February 25th.

Employees will be notified that their T4s are ready as soon as they are confirmed (Step 8 of generating your T4 package). If you selected the option to notify Account Admins once the T4 filling has been completed, they will also receive a notification.

Filing T4s on your own

If you prefer to file your own T4s instead of having Knit do so, or you need to file your T4s between February 25th and the deadline of March 2nd, you may do so.

Start by downloading the T4 Package in XML format—this will be available to you after confirming the T4 summary. You may then follow these instructions provided by the CRA to file your taxes electronically: Filing by Internet File Transfer (XML).

Distributing T4s to Employees

If you have successfully confirmed your T4s using the process outlined above, T4s will be available to your employees as soon as the T4s are confirmed. Employees may find their T4s in Knit under My Profile --> Documents --> Year End Documents. Here, they will be able to find their T4s for the current year and any previous years that their taxes have been filed with Knit.

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