Use Excel to Import your Payroll

When you run your payroll with Knit, you have the option to input your payroll details in an Excel spreadsheet. This feature lets you to fill in your company's payroll data at your leisure (or share the spreadsheet with anyone else), and import it into Knit when you are ready to run payroll.

To Access the Excel Spreadsheet:
  1. Open Run Payroll -> Run Payroll, locate the payroll you wish to edit and select the 3 action dots on the right
  2. Select Export Payroll. This will prompt you to download an Excel file generated based on that specific paygroup and pay-cycle.
  1. Once the download is complete, open the excel file. Input the payroll data into the spreadsheet. Please input according to the units specified in each column heading. Do not change change the order or hidden cells in the excel sheet
When you are ready to run payroll:
  1. Open Run Payroll -> Run Payroll and select Import Payroll. Select the saved and completed excel file for this paygroup
  1. Once the spreadsheet has been successfully uploaded, you will be directed to the Review Payroll screen

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