Running an Off-cycle Payroll

If you need to run a payroll outside of your regular pay schedule, you can do so at anytime. Off-cycle payrolls default to using the same withholding rates, deductions, and contributions made in regular payrolls. 

  1. Click the Run Payroll tab
  2. Click on the Run Off-Cycle Payroll button
  3. Select a paygroup
  4. Select a pay date
  5. Select the pay period start and end date
  6. Input Payroll
    1. Click into the regular hours, salary pay, hourly pay, or other earnings fields to make any adjustments.
    2. Click Save & Continue to move forward
  7. Review
    1. Review the preview of the wage and tax debits for your payroll
    2. If you are ready to run payroll, click Approve Payroll
  8. Confirmation
    1. And thats it! You've ran an off-cycle payroll

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